Katy Perry Offers a Peek at Her New Nursery

Get a sneak peek at Kicky Perry's new bedroom

August 17, 2020

Baby Perry is going to have quite the digs when she comes home from the hospital.

Katy Perry gave fans a sneak peek at her daughter’s nursery during a livestream showing off her pink room.

"I'm gonna show you my baby room. Ready? Just a little. Just a little sneak peek," the “Smile” singer said in a video.

Perry then gave fans a glimpse at the room featuring light pink walls, several baby outfits hanging from the walls, a changing station with a mirror, a rocking chair, and her baby’s crib.

Perry’s due date is reportedly right around the corner with her daughter being the first child she’s had with fiance Orlando Bloom.

Her American Idol colleague Luke Bryan revealed he recently found out the baby’s due date when getting a gift for her.

"I didn't know the exact due date,” he said.  “I texted her like, 'Hey, just so I can kind of wrap my head around when to really start thinking about you guys and saying prayers and everything,' so she let me know the due date. She's pretty close." 

Whenever the baby does arrive, Bryan already has his gift to her planned out. "I told her I'm probably gonna send her little girl maybe, like, a little pink BB gun," he said at the time. "An old country boy version of little baby girl gifts. Pink camo and a pink BB gun."

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